Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking at the three Japan contenders (maneuverability)

A look at three choices for Japan.

Update: LOL source of 3rd video removed. It showed an F-35 rolling (and falling) about like one would expect from an F-105. And another comparison:


Anonymous said...

Is the Typhoon that bad a choice? Given the likely role (defensive) and with the back-up of separate surveillance assets, would this not be a seriously capable bit of kit to have now?

Distiller said...

The only really interesting option for Japan is to develop an own fighter.

Everything else has pros and contras, but is only second best:

F-15 -- license produce more F-15, since they already have them.
SHornet -- cause the USN/USMC operates them, and they would probably like its low speed maneuverability; certify 600gal tanks.
EF2k -- nice sports car, but doesn't move Japan forward.
F-35 -- the U.S. making sure that Japan doesn't move forward the next 20 years; operationally questionable for various reasons.

Anonymous said...

Japan won't order more F-15. They need mid range/lower cost fighter in the mix to replace F-4/F-5. Their F-15 is still perfectly adequate. Plus they are working on ATD-X to replace F-15.

I doubt japan will buy EF2K, economic/political point aside. That fighter is not compatible with japan's air force system. It will require major tayloring. (avionic, electronic). Plus again, it's a high end twin engine. overlap with their current F-15. (which has more advance electronic than EF-2K, and far better flying performance too.)

I always thought Japan is waiting for F-35B. Since they have several aircraft carrier with no planes.

Locum said...

Elp, please explain, why you think that the Typhoon is a bad choice.
I personally think that the Typhoon is the second best air-to-air choice. In the air-to-surface role the Typhoon is lacking range and a large choice of air-to-surface weapons.

Picard578 said...

Typhoon is one of five most maneuverable fighter aircraft on planet - there is no way it is a bad choice.